Jason Vedadi: Successful Entrepreneur, Competitive Golfer, World Traveler

From the time he was young, Jason Vedadi seemed destined to become a successful businessman. He started playing golf as a child, and took advantage of the insight and mentoring offered by older entrepreneurs on the golf course. Then, while at the University of Montana, he studied business and earned a business degree in 2001.

Shortly after earning his business degree, Vedadi opened his own mortgage company, which served both residential and commercial clients. A few years later, he launched Titanium Builders and Development, which specializes in a wide variety of construction and remodeling projects ranging from hotel modernization to large planned communities. Vedadi closed his mortgage business in 2009 to focus exclusively on running his successful, expanding Titanium Builders company. Today, his business now serves several states, including Washington, Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, Arizona and Washington.

Despite his success in business, Vedadi never gave up his love of golf. In fact, in 2006, Jason Vedadi reached his goal of becoming a competitive player by achieving amateur golfing status. After achieving this coveted status, Vedadi qualified for several United States Golf Association (USGA) events. He’s since gone on to win the prestigious Flathead Beacon competition three years in a row.

When he can take a break from running his busy company, Jason Vedadi enjoys traveling the world. He often combines his love of travel with his love of golf, and plays on some of the world’s most beautiful courses, including those in Tunisia, Spain, Turkey and Scotland.

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